Got land? We can survey it. Need support on your oil or gas project? We can handle it. Got a math problem related to a land oil or gas project? We’ll solve it. Through years of experience, ASE Heinrich & Company has proven skills to get the job done efficiently, effectively and effortlessly. If you work with us, we will provide a variety of services related to Land Developmental Spacial Geographical Relations and Engineering Surveying Services. Our motto is: “The world’s landscape is vast. So are our processes.”

We have a team of dedicated field engineers and indoor engineers who have decades of experience working on high profile oil and gas projects with discretion and precision. Our precise surveying guides are partners to the most productive sites, with many clients able to subtract 35 barrels of oil per day. At ASE Heinrich & Company, we guarantee accuracy, valued advisement and tremendous customer service.



Our intrepid team of indoor and outdoor engineers are always up to date on the latest and greatest technologies available for oil and gas projects, regardless of scope and size. We are committed to using the most environmentally safe instruments to ensure the Earth stays viable for future partners and generations to come.


Hi-Definition Laser Scanning • Data Management & Quantity Surveys • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG) Tracking • Topographic Surveys • UAS Aerial Mapping